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Whereas the main body of the Baganda live in Uganda and whereas a large number of Baganda live in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Sweden, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Kenya and other parts of the World and whereas our leaders are presently participating in the Buganda 2000 Convention and whereas delegates, representatives and participants have gathered here at Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street, London, UK from the 27th August to 29th August 1998; we resolve as follows:

We pledge and re-affirm our allegiance and commitment to our Kabaka, the sovereign Lord; His Majesty Ssaabasajja Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda.

Having heard deliveries, reports and presentations from the various speakers and delegates from Uganda, the United Kingdom, U.S.A, Sweden, Lesotho, Swaziland, Canada, Germany, and other parts of the world concerning the health, wealth and fate of Buganda and Baganda in the new millennium; we resolve and declare our unabating support for a united Uganda.

And whereas the said support is unabated and uncompromised in anyway at all, we note with deep concern the deteriorating economical and political situation in Buganda and Uganda, and the increasingly autocratic and repressive laws being enacted in the country such as the recent LAND ACT 1998 which is unconstitutional, corrupt and completely unacceptable in Buganda and to Baganda at large.

We further note with great alarm that Uganda is in real danger of disintegration due to the incessant, endless civil wars and wars on its borders, in particular there is deep concern and resentment at Uganda's participation in the current war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There is also increasing Human Rights violations and disappearance of Moslem Baganda in the country.

Aware of the administration of Uganda and her national assets; the hopeless inept and corrupt administration in the current political system which is NOT working for Buganda and the majority of other ethnic groupings;

Further more we note with concern the proposed referendum on the Uganda political system and note that the terms and conditions in the constitution for this referendum are so absurd, that there is no way the NRM can lose, and therefore Baganda will end up in an NRM dictatorial yoke;

And concerned at the mad "Pan-African" plan to create a Federal Eastern African State made up of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi and dominated by the Tutsi ethnic group which is now involved in serious disturbances, and war in the Democratic Republic of Congo;

We are amazed at the double standards that require Uganda to spearhead the Eastern African federal union when Federal status is not allowed at country level in Uganda.


Federo and 'Ebyaffe'

  1. To work tirelessly to ensure that Uganda becomes a Federation of States in which Buganda will be a Federal State headed by His Majesty Ssaabasajja Kabaka and to this end we will pool our resources in the Diaspora to ensure that we achieve this goal.
  2. To use every opportunity to lawfully reverse the Land Act which has been used to rob Ssaabasajja Kabaka and Baganda of their land. Therefore we appeal to all Baganda to use our energy including votes during elections to get this unfair Land Law repealed and replaced by a fair one.
  3. To state categorically, that while we appreciate the return of some of Buganda's assets, we demand the return of the remaining assets seized by the Government of Uganda. To this end we salute all Baganda who have used their resources to restore these assets to their former glory and to appeal to all in the Diaspora to contribute financially and materially to restore our heritage sites such as the Mmengo palace to their former glory.
  4. To promote structures and a culture which will help nurture new, strong and incorruptible leaders for Buganda in the new millennium. To this end we appeal to all Baganda to ensure that they encourage and elect leaders who have Buganda's interests at heart and to reject completely those who are ready to betray their motherland.
  5. Never to allow the events that took place in Buganda in 1966 to occur again. To this end, we will use our collective efforts in the Diaspora to achieve this desired and stated goal.
  6. Kabaka's Government

  7. To channel financial and material help to Kabaka's Government most of which is run by volunteers. To this end we kindly ask the Government at Mmengo to put in place structures that will enable every Muganda in the Diaspora to make a voluntary community contribution on an annual basis. We also request Kabaka's Government to appoint an official to co-ordinate organisations and the affairs of the Diaspora.
  8. To declare a Buganda Heroes Day to commemorate all Baganda who died in the struggle for Buganda since 1966.
  9. Culture

  10. To enhance our Kiganda culture and instil it among our children to ensure that they grow up into confident and well behaved adults ready to uphold Buganda and her values. We will from now on also call on our ancient gods in accordance with our traditional Baganda religion to ensure a healthy, wealthy and progressive Buganda.
  11. Education and Health

  12. To mobilise our resources through the various Baganda organisations in the Diaspora to assist the education of our children. In particular we shall endeavour to work through Kabaka's Government to assist schools in Buganda by contributing to Kabaka's Education Fund; provide teachers to needy schools and provide bursaries to poor pupils especially in the rural areas.
  13. To mobilise the Diaspora particularly the many highly qualified medical personnel who work abroad to assist in working out programmes to improve the health of our people and mobilising resources from hospital and other health institutions abroad for the benefit of our people. We shall also endeavour to provide financial and material help for health centres established by Kabaka's Government.
  14. Development and Business

  15. To use our business acumen and link our economic resources to start and promote Baganda businesses in the Diaspora and in Buganda. To this end we appeal to all Baganda in the Diaspora to start group saving schemes such as Credit Unions from which funds to start such businesses can be obtained.
  16. To encourage Baganda in the Diaspora to help either individually or working within their existing organisations to assist in the modernisation of the rural areas of Buganda including assisting with construction of simple houses, provision of piped water, and solar energy etc.
  17. Baganda Unity

  18. To work hard towards the unity of all Baganda and to overcome divisive issues among us. To this end we shall endeavour to overcome religious divisiveness by changing our attitudes towards people of different religious beliefs; start at home to teach our children to respect religions other than their own, organise more functions which bring together Baganda of different religious beliefs; form organisations open to Baganda of all denominations; and encourage politicians and businessmen to employ Baganda of all denominations.
  19. Baganda Diaspora

  20. Appeal to all Baganda in the Diaspora to work towards unity and where possible join Baganda organisation and where there is none to start chapters of 'Ggwanga Mujje'. To this end we shall reject negative rumours and criticisms which are solely aimed at preventing the emergence of new Baganda leaders and destroying existing ones.
  21. Appeal to all Baganda organisations in the Diaspora to consult and work together for the betterment of our people and encourage the exchange of information regarding employment and business opportunities overseas.
  22. Baganda Youth

  23. Encourage young Baganda to form youth organisations led by the youth themselves through which they can meet, exchange ideas and get to know one another and get to know our motherland. We apeal to parents to form themselves in networks across continents to enable Baganda children take holidays in homes of other Baganda in other countries. We also request Kabaka's Government to consider awarding certificates to children born abroad who learn our culture including learning to read and write Luganda, traditional dancing, drumming etc.

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