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Fwd PointerThe Founding of Buganda

Fwd PointerBuganda Territory and its Governance

Fwd PointerThe Kings of Buganda

Fwd PointerColonial Influences

Fwd PointerThe Story of the Christian Martyrs

Fwd Pointer The Uganda Agreement, 1900

Fwd PointerThe Buganda Agreement, 1955

Fwd Pointer The Road to Independence

Fwd PointerThe Uganda Constitution, 1962

Fwd Pointer The Buganda Constitution, 1962

Fwd PointerThe 1966 Crisis and the Abolition

Fwd Pointer The Uganda Constitution, 1967

Fwd Pointer The Uganda Constitution, 1995

Fwd PointerWindow on Mmengo

Fwd PointerSuggested Further Reading

Fwd PointerBaganda in the Diaspora

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