Brief Biography of

Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II

Kabaka of Buganda

Date of Birth: 13th April, 1955.

Place of Birth: Mmengo, Uganda.


Father : Sir Edward Fredrick Walugembe Mutesa II, 36th Kabaka of Buganda and first President of Uganda (He was deposed in a bloody Coup d'etat by Prime Minister Obote in May 1966, and died in Exile in the United Kingdom in November 1969).

Mother: Lady Sarah Nalule Kisosonkole - She died in the early 70s.


Attended a rural Preparatory school in Bugangaizi County (currently in Kibale District of Uganda)

Attended Buddo Primary School.

Received Private Tuition at the Palace.

Attended Kingsmead Preparatory School, Sussex, England.

Attended Bradford Public School, Reading, England

Studied Law at Cambridge University, England.

Public Life:

Lived in Exile following the desecration of the Kingdom from 1966 - 1986.

He was Proclaimed heir to his late Father in 1969 and performed the traditional rites at the funeral in Uganda in 1971.

He worked as an associate Editor of the "African Concord" which was published by Chief Abiola of Nigeria.

He supported the Liberation struggle against the misrule in Uganda.

He returned to Uganda in 1986.

He was crowned 36th Kabaka (King) of Buganda 31st July, 1993.

He got married to Lady Sylvia Nagginda on 27th August, 1999.

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