Action Items Agreed Upon At The

International Convention of the Baganda

Building Buganda: From Words to Action

New Jersey, USA, May 31st 1998.

Among the plans for action decided upon were;

  • The strengthening of the communication link between His Majesty's Government and Baganda abroad, including the setting up of an online newsletter, which was promised by Prof Mukasa Ssemakula of Michigan, who has already set up the Buganda Home Page, an online compendium of information on Buganda that has won wide acclaim.
  • Supporting the Luganda language Society with cash and a computer, donated by the Sagalagalamidde Organization of California and Mr Dan Ssekanwagi of Texas.
  • Supporting the Kabaka's Education Fund with cash, promised as an ongoing effort by the Baana ba Buganda Organization of Washington, D.C.
  • Supporting the charity fund "Kabaka Foundation" promised by Gwanga Mujje of New York/New Jersey and Gwanga Mujje of Boston.
  • Setting up of an expert advisory group on personal and group investment, promised by Mr. Semambya of New Jersey.
  • A scholarship fund for orphans, set up by Gwanga Mujje of New York/New Jersey, who also promised several computers for school use.

Contacts were also established to plan on several future projects, including the setting up of an economic database for use by His Majesty's Government, water supply improvement, and coordinating Non-Govermental-Oganizations with the Mmengo Government.

For more information, contact Dr. Sam Kigongo.


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