Luganda Phrasebook

Learning a new language is a challenging task for most people. The ease with which the new language can be learnt will depend in part on the familiarity of the student with other languages similar to the one being learnt. Where the advantage of such familiarity does not exist, it is especially important to contextualize the new language into situations that the student is familiar with or is likely to run into under normal circumstances.

Many visitors to this site have found the pages dealing with the grammar and orthography of Luganda very helpful in learning the language. However, some have also asked for a contextualized learning tool that would ease the learning process. This phrasebook has been written especially with this need in mind.

It is impossible for any phrasebook to be comprehensive in its treatment of the language and we have not attempted to do that here. Rather the goal is to give the student an undertsanding of how phrases and sentences can be constructed to fit a variety of everyday situations. Word formation in Luganda can get quite complicated, with many variations on a given root to convey a variety of meanings. The treatment here has been to limit meanings to the context being covered. The treatment is introductory in nature, with bias towards informal settings.

A dictionary of the language is of course indispensable to the serious student. There are several dictionaries of Luganda on the market and one that is highly recommended by our webmaster especially for the beginner is Luganda-English Dictionary by John D. Murphy; published by The Catholic University of America, in Washington D.C.

Many thanks are due to Mr. Daudi Kyambadde who has spearheaded the Phrasebook project. Suggestions for enhancements, additional topics to be treated and filling in missing phrases are always welcome. Care has been taken to ensure accuracy of all translations in the given contexts. However, if you spot an error that slipped through our checks please let us know. Communications should be sent to our webmaster. All feedback is appreciated.

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