Doubletree Hotel, Dallas-Lincoln Center, Texas USA.

May 23-28, 2001

Introduction: The summit was held at the Doubletree Hotel, Dallas-Lincoln Center, in North Dallas, during the Memorial Day weekend (May 23 through May 28, 2001). The business part of the summit was officially opened on Thursday May 24, 2001. The first three days of the summit (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) were devoted to business development meetings. The cultural part of the summit started on Saturday May 26 with "Olukiiko lw'Abaganda Ttabamiruka". The summit concluded on Sunday May 27 with a Royal banquet and cultural performances.

Proceedings: A summary of the summit proceedings, conclusions, achievements, and resolutions follows below:

A. His Majesty Ssabasajja Kabaka met with business, religious, and political leaders in the Dallas Fort-Worth area including Texas State legislators, the Mayor of the city of Dallas, the Mayor of the city of Arlington, members of the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, the Dallas Museum of African Art, Martin Luther King Center, EDS Corporation, the Southwest Medical School and Medical Center, the Fort Worth Council of World Affairs, the Arlington Rotary Club, and the Buckner Children's Orphanage. He held bilateral talks and invited these businesses to consider investing in Buganda and Uganda.

B. During the Olukiiko lw'Abaganda Ttabamiruka, His Majesty Ssabasajja urged the participants to practice their traditions and culture and to teach their children to speak the Luganda language and educate them in the ways of their ancestors so that our culture and origins would be preserved and honored. He told us to work with other Ugandans and non-Ugandans to promote development in Buganda and Uganda as a whole. He encouraged the participants to work with their leaders to support the Buganda Development Plan.

C. During the Olukiiko lw'Abaganda Ttabamiruka, Omulangira Fred Kalema-Musoke, Ssabasajja's Ambassador to North America, introduced the leaders of the Baganda organizations in the US and Canada. They included [1] Mr. Wycliff Lule Ssemogerere of Gwanga Mujje New York/New Jersey; [2] Prof. Aloysius Lugira of Gwanga Mujje, Boston; [3] Mr. Sam Kiggwe and Dr.Frank Matovu of Gwanga Mujje, Atlanta; [4] Mr. Kyobe of Kamukamu, Dallas; [5] Mr. Kintu, the leader of the Baganda in Houston; and [6] Dr. Mukasa E. Ssemakula of Detroit, the webmaster of Buganda Home Page: www.buganda.com

D. The Katikkiro of Buganda, Owek. Joseph Mulwanyammuli Ssemwogerere outlined the 10 year Buganda Development Plan [2000-2010] on Saturday May 26 during the Olukiiko lw'Abaganda Ttabamiruka. This Development plan consists of the following pillars:

(a) The revival of the African Home Village

(b) The Royal Microfinance Institution

(c) The Central Marketing and Processing Services

(d) The Buganda Cultural and Development Foundation

(e) The Nabagereka Foundation

E. After the Katikkiro's presentation there was a prolonged, intense, substantive discussion of the issues outlined in the plan. Participants made suggestions and asked questions of the Katikkiro and his delegation. The participants expressed their desire to participate and support Ssabasajja's development efforts.

F. At the conclusion of the Olukiiko lw'Abaganda Ttabamiruka, it was resolved to form a task force to devise ways to implement the resolutions agreed to during the Summit. This task force is made of the various Baganda leaders from around north America, including the following:

  1. Mr. Wycliff Lule-Ssemogerere, New York, NY, USA.
  2. Dr. Samuel Kigongo, New York, NY, USA
  3. Prof. Aloysius Lugira, Boston, MA, USA
  4. Mr. Fred Kalema-Musoke, Washington, DC, USA
  5. Mr. Sam Kiggwe, Atlanta, GA, USA
  6. Dr. Frank Sseguya Matovu, Macon, GA, USA
  7. Dr. Paschal Mawanda Kibuule, Dallas , TX, USA
  8. Dr. Abu Senkayi, Dallas, TX, USA
  9. Dr. Sarah Matovu, Macon, GA, USA
  10. Ms. C. Nabukeera, Ottawa, ON, Canada
  11. Princess Joyce Nabaloga Situka, Houston, TX, USA
  12. Prof. Peter Nkedi-Kizza, Univ. of Florida at Gainesville
  13. Prof. Edward Kiwuwa, Univ. of Oklahoma

The task force will meet and report back to the Katikkiro within 30 days.

The Summit reached a resolution which was read by the Kabaka's representative, Mr. Fred Kalema-Musoke. On the closing of the Summit, Ssabasajja urged the participants to go home and implement their decisions. The closing ceremony on Sunday included a cultural performance by the Houston-based cultural club "Cheza Ngoma", and traditional dances from Buganda, Busoga and the Kingdom of Zulu. Other performers included the Dallas Women's Group, James Walakira from Tulsa, OK and Ms Halima from Los Angeles.

Short-term achievements of the summit:

A Officials of the Buckner Children's Orphanage have indicated that they would like to work with the Nabagereka Trust Fund to build an orphanage in Buganda and to train staff needed to run the orphanage. This organization has already established an orphanage in Kenya and is currently training staff to run the orphanage. The Buckner orphanage is currently working out details to send 40,000 pairs of shoes to orphaned children. This task will be coordinated through the Nabagereka Trust Fund.

B.Plans to include the Kabaka in the National Geographic Society (NGS) television documentary were finalized. The NGS is producing this television documentary about the importance of royalty in the 21st Century. The program will feature royalties from six countries (including the British monarchy, the Kabaka of Buganda, the monarchy in Japan, and the monarchy in Jordan) Filming will begin sometime in August of this year.

Long-term goals:

A.The task force, which was established during the summit, will follow up on the business and cultural leads identified during the summit. This task force will assign specific tasks to be performed by each task force member. The task force will work closely with the Mengo Government to achieve the objectives specified in the resolutions made during the summit and the goals of the 10-Year Royal Development Strategy. Subcommittees established by the task force include the Education Subcommittee (Chaired by Dr. Peter Kizza, and including Dr. Edward Kiwuwa, and Dr. Lugira). This subcommittee will assist in obtaining scholarships for students from the Kingdom. Another subcommittee formed by the task force is the Investors and Investment Opportunities subcommittee. The individuals identified by the task force to run this subcommittee include Mr. Sam Kiggwe of Atlanta, Georgia; Dr. Abu Senkayi of Dallas, Texas; Dr. Frank Matovu of Macon, Georgia; Mr. Moses Wilson of San Francisco, California; and Dr. Paschal Kibuule of De Soto, Texas. This committee will coordinate closely with Mr. David Kiwalabye of BUCADEF and Omulangira Kanakulya.

The Katikkiro of Buganda was briefed on the plans for implementing the "Million Dollar Project". A holding company, United Investments and Holding Group, Inc (UNIHOLD) has been established and was launched during the summit. The management board of this company held discussions with His Majesty's representatives regarding investment projects available for investor participation. The projects identified included the Bulange Plaza, the Fish Processing Plant at Katosi, Central Purchasing and Marketing facilities, and microfinance, and the Jeza Buganda Farm, Printing Press, and BTV (Buganda Television).


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