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Featured Music

If you love African music, you have come to the right place. From here, you can buy music products from thoughout Africa. In addition to hits from Uganda, you can choose between best-sellers from Congo/Zaire, South Africa, Kenya, or Nigeria among others. Use the search box above if you can't see what you are looking for. Below are special favorites from Uganda.

Afrigo Batuuse 2, by Afrigo Band
Afrigo is undoubtedly the leader on Uganda's contemporary popular music scene today. Newly released for 1999, Afrigo Batuuse 2 continues the pulsating rythms and sound you have come to love and expect from Afrigo.

Julie, by Afrigo Band
This 1998 release does not need to be belaboured. Just buy it and go dance!

Music of the Baganda, by Evalisto Muyinda
Evalisto Muyinda was a court musician during the reign of Muteesa II. Later, he was a leading performer at the Uganda Museum. 'Music of the Baganda' features this renowned master at his best. Selections range from the vigorous Nankasa and Bakisimba dances, to delicate melodies accompanied by the Ndere, to enchanting Madinda instrumentals. This is a must buy for anyone interested in the traditional music of the Baganda.

Music from Uganda, by Ngoma
This 1998 CD features a collection of music from all over Uganda. Highlights include Amaggunju, Bakisimba Dance, Dingi Dingi, and Entogoro. A good sampling for those new to traditional Ugandan music. "There is not a tedious moment among the diverse cuts." - The Beat

Dance My Children Dance, by Samite of Uganda
Samite has created a unique musical niche for himself. On this CD, he features traditional folk music of the Baganda, adapted and rearranged in a neo-classical style to appeal to a wide audience. Samite's live performances around the US have earned rave reviews and this CD is a succinct example of his musical style. Other releases by Samite that you can buy from include Pearl of Africa Reborn and Silina Musango.

Other Collections of traditional music from Uganda that you may want to try: Music from Uganda (Caprice Series) Volume 1 and Volume 2.

To find more music from, go to the Music Home Page.

Featured Books

The Political Kingdom in Uganda : A Study in Bureaucratic Nationalism, by David Apter
This is the classic political study of Buganda under British colonial rule (1894-1962). This latest edition was released in 1997 and is available as a paperback. Also available in hardcover.

African Religions : World Religions.. by Aloysius M. Lugira
Hot Off the press, Summer 1999. This book presents autochthonal African religion in a way that covers the entire continent of Africa. It shows how in particular, these religions are many, and how in general they are one. It considers both obsolete African religions, such as the Aegyptian, the Aksumite, the Berber and the Kushite manifestatations of the religion of Africans, as well as living religions like those of the religiously African and living expressions of contemporary times. Consideration of the Supreme Being, the gods, the spirits, creation, humanity the world and creatures therein, is included, as are practices of various religious rituals. The book contains many illustrations, including a portrait of Ssekabaka Muteesa II.

The Kingdom of the South: the long journey, by Mazzi Wampamba
This short children's story tells both the child and the parent about a journey that many have not yet experienced - a journey to the African continent. The book tells the child about the differences and similarities of the African and the American cultures.

Luganda Proverbs, by Ferdinand Walser
This is the most important collection of Luganda proverbs to date. Although the manuscript was completed in 1957, it was not published until 1984 due to various technical and financial difficulties. Sadly, by then the author was dead! This collection of some 5000 Luganda proverbs is the most comprehensive of its type. It includes English translations of most of the proverbs listed, both literal and application based, making it particularly valuable to the non-native reader. It goes further to give equivalents to some of the proverbs in several other modern languages. lists this book as out of print but give them a try, they may be able to find a copy for you. It is well worth the wait.

To find more books from, go to the Books Home Page.

Why Buy Here?, the most comprehensive source of information about Buganda on the internet, is proud to be associated with, the internet's largest bookseller. This benefits you, the visitor to this site, by providing you with a convenient source of materials about Buganda from a company with an outstanding record of service. Most products from ship within 2 - 3 days, many within 24 hours. will also endeavor to locate those hard to find materials that are out of print but usually, these will take longer to ship. Please note that order processing and all related questions are handled directly by

Every time you make a purchase as a result of a direct link from this site, earns a commission of at least 5% (except on out of print titles). All the earnings from this program will go to support the Kabaka's Education Fund. This Fund is a part of the Kabaka's initiatives, focusing on providing educational opportunities for children in Buganda. So as you use and enjoy your purchase, you will also be helping Buganda's current efforts at reconstruction. Thank you for your generosity.

Of course you do not have to limit your purchases to Buganda related items. Sample the African Music Essentials for example to get a taste of contemporary music from all over Africa including hits by the likes of Manu Dibango, Kanda Bongo Man, Salif Keita, Miriam Makeba, and Ladysmith Black Mumbazo. Use these to to enhance your existing collection or start a new one. You may also want to take a look at's Hot 100 for Music to see current chart-topping CDs. What about Hot 100 for Books to see top selling books in fields such as personal finance, biographies, political commentaries and even fiction?
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