Visit Buganda and Uganda!


Buganda is the gateway to Uganda. When you come to see her varied beauty, you will be received with our famous hospitality. -- Well, maybe there will not be a truope of traditional dancers to receive you at the airport, but you will be made to feel like there were:-). Follow the links below for a sampling of what you will see in Buganda and other parts of Uganda. Be patient as the linked pages contain many photos and so may be slow in loading. The photos in this section (except where otherwise noted) are brought to you by the Royal Travel and Heritage Bureau Ltd, a member of the BICUL group of companies. They would be glad to arrange a trip for you.

Get to know the Baganda. See for yourself various aspects of their way of life and visit sites that are important to their history and culture.

See the Uganda's natural beauty. Explore some of the most intriguing natural phenomena including world famous landmarks.

See the country's varied wild life. You can go bird watching on the shores of Lake Victoria, or chase the varied game in Uganda's many national parks. And don't miss the world's largest population of mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forests.

The Kabaka's Trail (Opens in a new window). Walk in the footsteps of the kings of old, following this organized tour. Funded in part by The Kabaka Foundation.

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